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Sean Byrne | What’s in my Bag
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What’s in my Bag | Sean Byrne

Hello my name is Sean Byrne…

I live in Northamptonshire (UK) and I’m a photographer and social media influencer. I’ve always been a creative person but I felt I was wasting my creativity and I really needed to diversify. I get a great sense of achievement when I create something visually appealing – something that will catch people’s imagination.

Four years ago I joined an app called Instagram (IG). Instagram gave me an outlet to take images of where I was and share it with the world by using my iPhone. The feeling it gave me to have my photography being liked and in some cases loved, was unbelievable. It was like an addictive drug. The more I produced the more people liked and started following me, this gave me the urge to do more. So I started visiting many more places around the UK to vary my locations and keep me feeling inspired.

Landscapes seemed to be liked more than any other type of photography on IG, so this kept me shooting landscapes as I craved the attention many people were showing me. As my popularity and skill have improved I’ve managed to cement some great partnerships with many brands. I’m now sponsored by Cotswold Outdoor which is one of the UK’s leading recreational outdoor equipment stores. Perfect to help kit me out regarding clothing for those times I’m outdoors looking for that perfect shot. I also have sponsorship with Lucroit and Manfrotto. Lucroit supply me with filters and filter holders. This helps me create a look on my images that can be difficult to produce when post processing. And last but not least, Manfrotto, who are one of the world leaders in tripods and camera bags. They’ve recently helped kit me out for my adventure in Iceland.

Vik Footsteps PS 1000px Wide Whats in my Bag | Sean Byrne
Vik Footsteps (Iceland)
Edited with +PS RG Film Grain Small 03 & +PS Faded Film Darks 07

Hveritserkur BW PS 1000 PX Wide Whats in my Bag | Sean Byrne
Hveritserkur (Iceland)
Edited with +PS Noir 04

Icelandic Horses PS (1000px Wide)

Icelandic Horses (Iceland)
Edited with +PS RG Fade 10, +PS RG Film Toning 05, +PS Looks Nº1 11, +PS Effects 02 & +PS Faded Film Darks 06

Arnastarpi House & Mountain PS (1000px Wide)

Arnastarpi House & Mountain (Iceland)
Edited with +PS Faded Film 04

Kirkjufell (Iceland)
Edited with +PS RG Fade 05 & +PS Effects 02

All these opportunities have come about because of my passion for Instagram and photography. These opportunities might have happened without Instagram but it would of taken a lot longer to achieve, if at all. My passion for photography is mainly landscapes and tourism. It’s here I feel most comfortable. However I do strongly believe to shoot many things as techniques in other areas can only make you stronger and more confident in your ability to create great looking content, also the more you shoot the more you start to understand your cameras limits.

If people want to improve their photography I truly believe you should shoot what makes you happy. If it’s something your passionate about then it will come through your photography. Also be yourself. Treat people how you would like to be treated. Stay active on all social media and just keep taking pictures. But most importantly, enjoy it, have fun and stay focused on what you want to do – others will respect you for it.

I’m very optimistic at what the future holds. As cliché as it might sound, I enjoy photography as it captures moments that many people may miss. I see it as my job to show the world the beautiful place we live in and the way I see it.

Driving On Route 11 PS (1000px Wide)

Driving On Route 11 (Canada)
Edited with +PS Chrome II 02 Grade Warm & +PS Effects 02

Kananaskis Lake PS (1000px Wide)

Kananaskis Lake (Canada)
Edited with +PS Workflow, +PS RG Film Toning 07 & +PS RG Fade 10

Minniewanka Lake PS (1000px Wide)

Minniewanka Lake (Canada)
Edited with +PS Looks Nº1 13

In my bag…

Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack
Manfrotto Aluminum 190 tripod
498RC2 Ball Head
Canon 5D MK III
Canon 24-105mm
Canon 50mm
Canon 70-200mm
Canon 100mm Macro
15″ MacBook Pro & Charging Cable
Manfrotto 190 Go Aluminum Tripod
Battery Grip
GoPro Hero 4 Black, Remote and 4 GoPro Batteries
12 Canon Batteries
Canon Remote
Lucroit Filter Holder
Hitech Reverse Filter
Hitech Soft Grad
Hitech Firecrest IRND
Hitech Prostop 6 IR
Lee Filter Holder
Lee 1 x Big Stopper
Lee 3 x Hard Grads
iPhone 6 Plus

Pair of Wolves PS (1000px Wide)

Pair of Wolves (Canada)
Edited with +PS Chrome II 02 Grade Cool & +PS Faded Film 04

Lake Louise Snow Hut & Mountain PS (1000px Wide)

Lake Louise Snow Hut & Mountain (Canada)
Edited with +PS Effects 02

Vermillion Lake Black & White PS (1000px Wide)

Vermillion Lake (Canada)
Edited with +PS RG Fade 03 & +PS RG BW 07

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