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What’s in my Bag | Mareea Vegas

Bag raid day has arrived again! Today we have the awesome, super sweet, wonderfully grounded and endlessly creative Mareea Vegas from New Zealand letting us check out what she drags around! Mareea is a big fan of our presets, and the feeling is mutual, as we are big fans of her work! If her name seems familiar to you, it’s because we were lucky enough to have her as one of our featured photographers earlier this year. Enjoy her work, and the read folks – we sure did! P.S. We loooove that she carries hand cream, perfume and lip balms in her bag! So girly 😉

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What’s in my Bag?

I tend to get really overwhelmed with lots of equipment so what’s mainly in my bag is necessary and practical. I only recently bought my first speed light and I’m still coming to grips with integrating that new member!

Nikon D700, 50mm and Polarizing filter: This is my go to digital camera set up and always configured this way.

Nikon F90x, 50mm: This is my go to analogue camera set up. A great friend who no longer shoots on film gave this camera to me and I cherish it. Not only because it reminds me of him and a particular time in my life but also because I truly love this camera. It’s analogue but with a digital readout and autofocus. I love that all my lenses for this beauty are interoperable between all my Nikons.

Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm: I’ve had this camera for 25 years now! Woah…that’s a long time. My first love, it taught me everything and shaped my view of the world. I grew up looking at life through this camera. It’s been the most reliable friend. Really it’s technically my dad’s camera and it reminds me of all our photographic expeditions together from the time I was a young kid. Back then it was such a privilege to use it and I’ve always treated it with so much respect probably because it means so much to both my father and I and signifies some beautiful times together.

O-Flash & Nikon Speedlight SB 700: The two newest members of my bag. I’ve always been scared of artificial light to tell you the truth. This year I’ve decided to embrace it and so here it begins. I haven’t used a flash since art school in the nineties but I’ve found a way to become comfortable with the flash again. I use this set up off camera in commander mode so that I can direct the light source. Yeah, works well when I need some extra directional light.

Rope: You never know…been useful lately for my last body of work.

Lens Hood, Lens Cloth, Extra Camera Batteries, AA Batteries, USB Stick: All absolutely non-negotiable necessities for any bag. On one of my first big commercial shoots I shot the last frame of the day and my camera went dead. Out of battery and I had no spares, don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I just wasn’t thinking and I was extremely lucky that day as it was a big job with no chance to reshoot. I went out and purchased so many batteries after that and established a pre-charging routine that is now firmly etched in my brain.

Tissues & Wet Wipes: Always handy to have these at all times for so many different reasons.

B Complex Vitamins: Great for the nervous and immune systems. 

Hand Cream: Can’t stand having dry hands haha!

Perfume: Nice to smell nice. In this case it’s Midnight Rain by La Prairie.

Advil: Self-explanatory.

Ear Plugs: Can get pretty windy here in NZ and pretty noisy when shooting bands so I make sure I always have spare ear plugs in my bag. It’s probably a hang over from a lifetime of being a touring musician as well but it definitely pays off in the long run to look after your ears.

Lip Balms: Oh man, so important. I shoot a lot on location and the weather in NZ can be harsh. I take a variety of balms with me for wind and sun protection. It’s necessary to have back up balms when shooting models just in case they’ve not taken care of their lips.

Fruit, Muesli Bars & Water: I always always always have fruit, water and bars with me. Shoots are unpredictable and basically I can’t function if I don’t stay hydrated and keep my energy levels up.

And my actual bag: The Billingham 307. Need I say more…this bag is all class. Expensive but so well made it’ll last a lifetime. If a bag can be loved…I love this bag. 

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