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Liza Boone | What’s in my Bag
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What’s in my Bag | Liza Boone

Liza Boone is a southern gal living in Los Angeles with a soft spot for anything romantic and vintage. Good company, fresh cut flowers and a gratifying glass of wine is always where she wants to be.

So here’s what’s in her bag!

CAMERA: I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II.

LENS: My go-to lens right now is my Canon 24-105 mm . I use it for pretty much everything at the moment… maybe because it’s new!

FLASH: I rarely use a flash as most of my work is shot manipulating natural light; however, every once in while you need that extra fill for when you’re looking to make an image super sharp.

BUSINESS CARDS: I’m pretty bad at this but I always try to keep a small stack in my bag.  You never know who’s going to want to keep in touch for future projects or pass your information along!

CLIPS: I don’t always use a stylist – sometimes my shoots are very small and are just the model, the hair/make-up artist, and myself.  It’s always good to keep clips handy when clothes don’t fit your subject properly.

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ADVIL: Like other posts – pretty self explanatory.  Never a bad thing to have handy!

CASH: I always try and keep cash on me just in case I see something that could potentially work as  a cool prop – be it an ice-cream truck or a lemonade stand, most places with something cool and unique to use don’t take cards!

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ALMONDS: I HAVE to have food with me while out shooting.  Hangry does not make for a very creative mind!

FLOWER: I’m obsessed with flowers … (I’m a girl – so, shocker).  I always like to incorporate them into photos.  It may be an easy way to make a pretty photo or make me look like a one trick pony.  But I can’t help it!

WATER: Staying hydrated is SO important. I’ve been on shoots where I’ve forgotten water and it’s not pretty.  I’m not this fancy, though.  Normally it’s a bottle from the nearest gas station –  But Pellegrino is delicious for days when you need a refresher.  Every once in a while I’ll switch it out for a treat!


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HAIR TIES:  Because we’re outside and it’s hot and hair get’s in the way.

BATTERIES: For the flash, just in case.

EOS LIP BALM: My lips are always chapped from being outdoors. I’m obsessed with EOS lip balm. Yes it’s because it’s round and pretty and minty and pastel. I’m every marketing teams easiest target.

MEMORY CARDS: Always be prepared for an extra shot or fifty!


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SUNGLASSES: I’m based out of sunny California… where it rains almost never.  This is a necessity.

SUNSCREEN: Since my shoots are mostly outdoors, I’m always in the sun. ALWAYS.  So in order to avoid looking like I’m wearing a white t-shirt 100% of the time, it’s good to make sure I have this.  Oh, and because skin protection and stuff.

CAMERA BATTERY: Always be prepared to shoot for longer than you had anticipated.

CAMERA BAG: I got this guy with my camera several years ago.  It’s a one strap Lowepro bag.  It’s super convenient for traveling and for easy access to your camera at all times.  It’s not super trendy, but it does the job!

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