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What’s in my Bag | Julien Valantin

Julien Valantin our resident Frenchman has agreeably opened up his photography bag (sac en Français) for us today, et nous sommes très heureux (and we are very happy)! Julien is a super passionate, 100% engrossed and dedicated to his craft creative, and overall a very special individual. Just take a look at his stunning pictures; you can feel the emotion a mile away!! Luckily for us Julien is a big Preset Shop fan, which means we often get to see his latest work, and then yippee share it with you guys! We hope you enjoy Juliens’ revealing bag breakdown, and of course his magical images below. Psssst if you missed his interview with us, and would love to know more about Monsieur Valantin CLICK HERE.

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What’s in my Bag?

The Vital Kit Principle: If you ended up on a desert island, like in “Lost” but with access to some electricity, what would you need to survive? For me, the answer would be photography!

My two Canon 5D Mark III: Why two? For the reactivity! I do a lot of wedding jobs and I need to switch quickly between the wide-angle and the telephoto lenses. Why the Canon 5D Mark III? For its full frame sensor and also because it’s the best in ISO increase. I work essentially with natural light so mainly between 3200 and 6400 ISO. During concerts or wedding evenings, so it’s important that the quality of the pictures are not spoiled by the noise.

Canon 70/200 F/2.8: I don’t use it very much; I like to move around on stage and to feel close to the subjects. Usually I use it for religious ceremonies to be as discreet as possible.

Canon 24/70 F/2.8: This is the lens I use the most! Definitely my partner in photography crime 😉 since the beginning. Polyvalent lens = nothing in the world could separate us!

Canon 50mm F/1.2: This lens is marvelous! Ideal for portraits and artistic Bokeh. It comes with me to all my sessions… My precious! 🙂

Canon 16/35 F2.8: The must-have for landscapes and weddings. Its discreet fisheye effect is ideal for lifestyle scenes, giving an immersion sensation without altering them too much.

Lee Filters & ND Variable Heliopan: No landscape trip without them! Used for long exposure and time-lapse shots.

Compact Flash: 16G and 32G, no more. I never take more than 1000 pictures per report day; I’m not a “trigger-man” so I only need little data storage with me. But they’re essential, without them, no pictures to present!

A Cigarette Pack! Yes, I know, that’s bad…

An Aspirin Box: VITAL in my case! Some reports may last up to 20 hours a day… The perfect companion for my cigarettes! 🙂

My bag, of course! It has crossed oceans, jungles and mountains; I have lost count of the kilometers we’ve travelled together…

And everything that doesn’t fit in the bag: The drone, the slider for time-lapse, the tripod, the ball joints, the batteries, the MacBook, Preset Shop tools and my dog…

I have tested various preset makers out there and +PS tools are unquestionably the best! Creativity and quality is a top team, what more could you want? Today all of my images are retouched with +PS tools! And they will be for a long time to come! 🙂

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