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What’s in my Bag | Jamie Howden

Our parents always told us to never look inside someone’s bag without asking.. Well, we asked.. And today is the very exciting launch of “What’s in my Bag!” We here at +PS wanted to know what swag photographers all over the world roll with, and to kick it off we have our talented friend Jamie Howden from Perth, United Kingdom. Jamie is one of our featured photographers, and if you missed his fantastic interview accompanied with stunning imagery, you can check it out here.

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What’s in my Bag ?

Canon 7D – This is my main body and have used this for the last couple of years. It will be an eternity before I got rid of this camera, as I know how to work it with my eyes shut and feel it’s an extension of me. I know it’s not the best camera money can by but at the end of the day, a camera is just a tool. A great photographer should be able to take a great picture with any camera.

Fuji X100When I first bought this I just fell in love with this little camera. It’s so charming and cheeky, it’s awesome. I love the fixed lens at f2, the images you get with it are unreal and the quality is amazing. I use this mainly for natural light portraits and also anything with low light. My Canon cannot compete with this little gem in lower light situations and I never have it out my bag. I sometimes will find an excuse just to shoot with it!

Canon 50mm LensMy favourite lens by far, if I was only ever allowed one lens this would be my choice. I love how that you have to move and find your shot rather than stand and zoom in or out to get it. Also the quality of it is amazing and you can shoot all the way to f1.4. Cheap also, for anyone starting out recommends this is one of if not your first lens.

Canon 70-200mm L LensMy second favourite lens, the image quality from this is amazing and it is at its best for doing portrait shoots at f2.8, the compression and fall of you get from it are gorgeous. What I also love about this lens is that I use it for so many different purposes, I use it for Portraits, Weddings, Motorsport and Landscapes and it’s brilliant at them all.

Tamron 17-50 LensThis is mainly used for full-length portrait work once I have got tired of running around with my 50mm lens. Great portrait lens and also used for some landscape work in-between my 20mm and 70 mm lenses.

Sigma 10-20 mm LensThis is mainly used for my landscape work and rarely a location shoot but planning on combining my passion for landscape photography and people into one. This is a concept I am currently working on and hopefully will be able to share with everyone soon.

Canon 580 EXII SpeedlightsUse these for on location shoots to add a bit of WOW factor to images. Even one simple speed light can transform your pictures into something special. Most of my images are done with one speed light and using the natural light as a back light (see the image of the pale red head model, this use this technique). A simple lighting setup but it has always worked for me; you don’t have to get over creative with lights to get awesome images.

PocketWizardsUse these to trigger the speed lights.  Not the cheapest triggers you can buy but the best in my opinion. You can use high-speed sync with the pocket wizards and it just gives you the added bonus of darkening down the background with out having to use very high f-stops and needing super powerful lights. A speed light if never going to over power the sun but with the PocketWizards and a speed light you can create top class images.

Light MeterI only use this when setting up speed lights for off camera flash shots as for natural light all use the build in light meter in my camera.

Memory CardsIf it weren’t for these I would not have any images to show everyone.

This is my main kit, I do work pretty light as we all know photography equipment is not cheap. It’s all about having the vision and making it happen rather than the equipment. Don’t let not having certain gear put you off, just think of ways around it and still make it happen. I have in the past made light modifiers with tracing paper etc., you can never tell from an image what equipment was used to make it but you just look at the image and think that looks good.

Happy shooting everyone!!

*All of Jamie’s stunning images have been edited using +PS tools.

IMG 8 Whats in my Bag | Jamie Howden

1 Whats in my Bag | Jamie Howden

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag Jamie Howden processed using Faded Film 1 preset

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag

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