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What’s in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

Ohh it’s so exciting, a new week = a new bag turned upside down! Our mate Genese Gigi Trémel is up next, you may recognize her name – she’s a regular around here! 😉 Genese is a photographer that looks for a voice in every picture, and as a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, this is what Genese always keeps close to her heart. We love the work of this quirky, left of center super creative – she makes us smile and very proud. Ms. Trémel is a passionate, organized and extremely dedicated photographer, and on behalf of us all here at +PS – thank you for stopping by once again, we’re so happy you emptied your bag for us!!

Good vibes and endless inspiration,
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What’s in my Bag?

Well I will start by saying that I carry the house in my bag and if I had more room, it would be the world. I have various jobs so I have to make sure that all bases are covered and I have the mentality that you never know what could happen. I of course carry the immediate needs and then you’ll see a whole lot of things that could make no sense; but for me is important to add. I’m going to break it down according to the categories my contents fit in.

The Lady & Rock (Personal Gear)

Camera- T-3i, which has been my trusted sidekick from the beginning. Not the camera that most will think I use for shots but its what I have and you make it work. I have nothing against upgrading gear but I am about getting what’s within reason. Don’t go in debt, think creatively and instead invest in your tools. I do work with other tools, equipment and more but this is either my creative partner’s or my second job at a model management/photography company. At my other job, which has been a great learning experience, I work with a Canon 5D Mark III and studio lighting.

My lenses: 50mm and 75mm, A lens baby is pictured (but it’s Erika’s) which I have been claiming as mine.

Batteries: you can never have too many, especially if you are shooting a long day or/and in the middle of the woods. I do bring my charger with me, if the opportunity occurs that I can charge them as I shoot.

Memory cards: I like to carry more than one with me, not just because of the shoot might go long but because I don’t know where I might end up that day. Also I’ve had an incident where my card got locked and I couldn’t unlock it because the tab broke off. So I was very thankful to have extra cards with me. I do carry drives with me, just in case I need to edit or dump the cards.

MUA, Hairstylist, Designer & Stylist

For a great majority of my jobs, which isn’t always a photographer, I keep the following handy:

Makeup: Eye makeup, lip-glosses & stick, facial spray, eyeliner & sharpener, brushes/sponge.

Hair supplies: Brush, comb, hair bands, bobby pins, hair bun, and hair clip.

Designer/stylist: Spool of thread and needle.

Extras: The flip camera and small camera- this is a backup for catching ideas, someone that needs to get bts –bc my camera doesn’t really leave my hands, and also for social media purposes.

Tapes: Masking and Black Tape comes in handy, esp. with marking and unexpected mishaps.

Chalk, markers & pencils: Art purposes, when you sometimes need to create on the spot.

Paper: For me, I will mainly use it for ideas bc they can hit at any time. But either way it’s always great to carry it with you.

Hygiene: Since I can end up anywhere at anytime, its very much needed. So I carry perfumes (the little cute face is actually perfume), deodorant, and lotion, tissue, sanitary spray and not pictured – I do carry a toothbrush and paste.

Because I can’t always help my eccentricity: I carry a bell, because I like it, chopsticks, sushi mat, spoon, seaweed, and usually food; but that’s not picture because it’s long gone – till the next shoot.

Odd ball or maybe I’m just trying to cover every base: Paper towel roll and filters that I taped together – it gets really cool shots, matches, scissor, wallet, cell phone, phone charger, and both mine and creative partner – Erika Chambers business cards.

P.S: This is just the camera bag you see (above), but on a normal shoot I am likely to have one or two more bags. Basically a bag for each job I’m doing.

Preset Shop Whats in my Bag Genese Tremel 2 Whats in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

Preset Shop Whats in my Bag Genese Tremel 7 Whats in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

What's in my Bag | Genese Gigi Trémel

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