Dondyuks Bag 2 1440x900 Whats in my Bag | Maxim Dondyuk
What's in my Bag / Maxim Dondyuk
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What’s in my Bag | Maxim Dondyuk

Over the moon to have the award winning photographer and visual artist Maxim Dondyuk back up on our blog today. He’s been a very busy boy since we spoke to him last (check our past interview with him here), so we are well pleased he’s made time for us once again. This time Maxim has kindly given us a run down of what’s in his photography bag and why… He also speaks about his photohgraphy, and has provided us with some killer back stage fashion week pictures all edited with our cross process film emulation presets +PS LOOKS N°3.

Maxim’s Gear

Everything is quite simple, starting from 2015 I use Nikon D810, before that I had a Nikon D3s, which I won in a contest for my project «TB epidemic in Ukraine». As for the lenses, I use only one lens 35mm, it’s an old film lens with autofocus. I’m used to this focal length and don’t need zoom. I must be half a meter from the object I am shooting. It is a very close distance, so you began to feel the same emotions, fear, happiness or sadness. When people look at such photos, they also feel emotions of your character. I also have a 50mm film lens, but it’s more like an emergency lens, if it happens that my 35mm lens breaks or in case I need to make some portraits for magazines.

I don’t like artificial light and don’t use a flash. I take photos only in RAW format, as color correction is very important for me, I pay special attention to it. And I don’t use continuous shooting.

Maxim’s Photography

My photography it’s my personal visual diary. It’s not a hobby or work for me, it’s my philosophy and my religion. It helps me to discover and understand this world. With the help of photography I can live the life of any person, to be present during different events and to empathize with them.

When taking photos I always think about the emotions they evoke. Photography has both an emotional and visual side. Photography does not only answer questions like –  what, where and when, but it also evokes personal associations. For example – the plot of your favorite book, film or memories from your childhood. A good photo is an emotional photo. People should feel all of the emotions from the moment the picture was taken, and of course – you should feel your own emotions too. If a photo is technically good but has no emotion, this type of photo in my opinion is dead. Of course all photographers need to know the technical aspects of photography.. But I believe they need to learn them once, and then forget about them – and just make everything organically – only with emotion.

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