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+PS Workflow Tools

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Speed up and batch process common editing tasks with stackable presets, compatible with Adobe® Lightroom® CC/6 to version 4 for OSX and Win.


+PS Workflow Tools
For Adobe Lightroom CC, Classic CC, 6, 5, or 4 & Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for Photoshop CC or CS6, OSX & Win.

Over 200 stackable presets for speeding up your workflow.


Tired of doing the same adjustments over and over again in Lightroom?
+PS Workflow Tools is a collection of handy tools for speeding up your workflow by shortening the time used for commonly used Lightroom editing tasks, as well as supplying an easier access in the form of presets to those more hidden functions in the Lightroom develop module.

With the Workflow Tools you can apply incremental adjustments to single images or whole series in one click or even let Lightroom do the job for you by applying any of these presets whilst importing your photos through the Lightroom import panel.

This is a useful time saving toolkit to use alongside any color treatment presets from our collections.

Professional photographers and retouchers produce our products, they are powerful, fast and easy to install, working directly inside Lightroom so no need to learn another interface, that might slow your workflow and computer down.

61 reviews for +PS Workflow Tools

  1. Tiga (verified owner)

    As a new bee to LR these tools are making my editing life already so much fun and smooth! Super easy to install and use! Really really great! Def worth it!!

  2. gandersheim (verified owner)

    I like these “Workflow” presets. They are a great and comprehensive set of tools to make editing faster and easier.

  3. Benjamin Lee Rønning Lassen (verified owner)

    The tools are pretty useful when not having much time to edit 🙂

  4. Lukas Becker (verified owner)

    Ein tolles Produkt, das sich prima in meinen Workflow integriert. Die Bearbeitung der Ergebnisse macht durch die effiziente Nutzung dieser Presets eine Menge Spaß! 🙂

  5. Konstantinos Toutolidis (verified owner)

    Great set of tools! Thank you!

  6. darioscorsone (verified owner)

    Perfect tools for speed up post production in Lightroom! Great!

  7. (verified owner)

    A great library of presets, saves me time Developing. Easy download and installation.

  8. George Delimosis (verified owner)

    minimize your time with your pc now with this!!

  9. fish73 (verified owner)

    The presets represents an easy and comfortable way to speed up the workflow process.

  10. stevenwaom (verified owner)

    I remember the Lightroom baseline
    Spend less time at the office more at shooting,
    and this is what these presets do, very effective and very efficient, try it and you’ll love it

  11. D27 (verified owner)

    The simply way for not forget your workflow and spent less time withLR 😉

  12. Markus (verified owner)

    Awesome tools that let´s you save a lot of time !

  13. Sara Rees (verified owner)

    Stumbled upon this tonight…this will help me out tremendously. Thank you for the free presets!

  14. Michel (verified owner)

    What a great deal: very good quality Lightroom Presets for free at the moment. I’m getting greedy.

  15. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Good stuff…coming from the world of iPhone apps, which I liked but could rarely work in RAW/tiff. I found this set and it cemented my move to Lightroom. Thanks,

  16. David Gatton (verified owner)

    I download this product, workflow-tools Lightroom presets, on the idea that it was going to be like the others.. Oh My God, I was totally wrong, these presets made the work processes go smoothly and effortless, I seen a 40-60% increase in my workflow. I’m thinking investing in more of these preset. This is a great product and I recommended to all levels of Lightroom people.

  17. Michelle (verified owner)

    Great presets that make my job so much easier! I love the fact that they are stackable, it makes my editing options endless. Thanks so much for a great product!

  18. domenic (verified owner)

    Wonderful tools to edit your images in Lightroom and they help in so many ways from inspiring one to be creative and they are time savers for us all. Great products and thanks for assisting and inspiring us all. Best to you and keep the awesome products and presets coming.

  19. Michael (verified owner)

    Great tool. I like to work with it.

  20. Scott Vance (verified owner)

    Great tool presets!

  21. Lawrence (verified owner)

    very happy with the product, great LR presets to make workflow much faster. simple to use and will introduce to all my friends. thanks.

  22. epmd73

    Downloaded this and just got it installed tonight. I’ve already used it for creating a new workflow for my images. The resets are great along with the incremental steps that have for the other presets. I will definitely be using this all the time.

  23. Ohnie Lo A Njoe (verified owner)

    Great workflow tools. I would recommend these to anyone using LR.

  24. domenico (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Easy to use and understand.

  25. Antoine (verified owner)


  26. Vedant (verified owner)

    I just got it for $0.. what more can I say !!

  27. Nelson PhotoDreams Pt (verified owner)

    Im not that god on speak englis, i will sai in portugues.
    Quando recebi a newsletter onde dizia free, achei que não iria ser nada de especial…um ou dois presets. Mas fiquei espantado quando vi os diferentes presets disponíveis de free??
    Alem disso são excelentes, tornaram as minhas edições de fotos muito mais rapidas. Continuem com o excelente trabalho!!

    When I received the newsletter where said free, I thought it would not be anything special … one or two presets.
    But I was amazed when I saw the different presets available for free ??
    Besides being excellent presets, they made ​​my photo edits much faster. Keep up the excellent work!!

  28. Douglas (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a source of Presets for LR that will optimize the control and creativity of my Develop module workflow. The free Work Flow Tools made it easy to check out the quality and philosophy of the Preset Shop. All the presets are named in groups according to what they do, with increments to keep you in control. I haven’t spent a lot of time with them yet, but so far I am very impressed, and plan to put down some real $$ for others. You can’t go wrong with the price of this set!

  29. Eddie Zamora (verified owner)

    This product was so usefull when editing my projects! With the workflow tools my editing went by pretty fast. I must say i was impressed when i got this product and i look forward to purchasing more.

  30. Tanya (verified owner)

    This was the first time I have used the Preset Shop Lightroom presets and I have really enjoyed how quickly you can photo edit. I am looking forward to purchasing more Preset Shop products in the future.

  31. Will (verified owner)

    Increased the speed of my workflow. Recommend! And it’s free now !!!!!!

  32. Mickey Strider (verified owner)

    I love these. Very intuitive and super easy to understand and integrate into your workflow- definitely a time saver. They have become a mainstay in my process.

  33. Kelly (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a nice work flow set to speed up my editing process. I love this set. I will have to shop around at the preset shop and see what other hidden treasures they have.

  34. Alessandro (verified owner)

    At first I couldn’t believe how useful these presets are. They really speed up your work and give very significant results. Great choice. Guess I’ll check out other products by Preset Shop very soon; must be interesting and of great value.

  35. Deanne Holmer (verified owner)

    Wonderful!! These presets have been a marvelous help to my editing!!

  36. Michael (verified owner)

    I really like the presets, I find it much easier and faster to just click the presets instead of messing around with the sliders. Often times it is tough to see the results with the slider as the image changes gradually. I think cycling through the presets helps to get the image where you want it much quicker.

  37. Payam (verified owner)

    Great tool for anyone who wants to speed up the workflow.
    I really recommend this tools and love it!
    Congrats Preset Shop!

  38. frank (verified owner)

    Great Product will be using it all the time

  39. gerrydaniel (verified owner)

    Great presets! Will help my work! Plan to buy more.

  40. Edward (verified owner)

    Like the saying goes…”Where have you been all my life?!!!” Workflow Tools for Lightroom is just what I needed to edit photos. It definitely cuts down on edit time and makes life so much easier. I definitely recommend this product.

  41. Oliver (verified owner)

    This is a real great tool for everybody who wants to work faster than before. I really recommend this, i like it!!! Thank you for this tool. GREAT!

  42. STEPHEN (verified owner)

    I tend to organise my RAW (CR2) editing in Lightroom by opening batches of similar images, or images shot at the same location and time.

    As a starting point, I pick an ‘average’ shot from each batch and start editing with Auto-Sync switched on so all images in the batch are processed globally. I then edit each image individually, tweaking the global effects to suit.

    Since installing Preset Shop’s Workflow Tools for Lightroom, I’ve found I’m using a lot of its settings in my Auto Synch editing phase, instead of all the fiddling around I’ve been doing previously.

    These presets are excellent, obviously very well thought out and logically implemented. As an aid to workflow, I’ve found them to shine in both quality and speed.

    I’m already looking to acquire some of the other Preset Shop preset bundles, in the meantime I’m happy to recommend this free set to experienced and novice users alike.

  43. shaun-harris (verified owner)

    Really make my job easier!!!

  44. shahrilnajib (verified owner)

    Great tools.. Its make my work more easy & fast.. Really recommend this tools!!! Thank you!!!

  45. Julie (verified owner)

    Really simple and easy to use. This free download is a great add to my presets collection. Thanks!

  46. Christina (verified owner)

    Definitely happy with using them, very simple to use to produce many effective results!
    They really speed up my workflow! Thank you!!!!!

  47. Pedro (verified owner)

    Great tool for anyone who wants to speed up your workflow.
    I really recommend this tools!
    Congrats Preset Shop!

  48. nico-bohnert (verified owner)

    At the present time it is important to develop images quickly. Presetshop is his one chance to speed up your workflow.Thank you Preset shop team for your work and time.

  49. andreas-f (verified owner)

    Easy to use and understand, it works well in my daily lightroom workflow _ I don’t want to miss it. And the best: it’s free now … Thanks to the Preset Shop team!

  50. September (verified owner)

    At first I thought ugh, I don’t need to waste my money on presets. Then you made this one free, so I thought why not give it a shot? Well, it really speeds up my workflow, and affords me more time to be creative in my work. In fact, I ended up enjoying it so much that I invested in the Master Suite Collection.

  51. Bianca (verified owner)

    Workflow Tools is amazing. Totally speeds up my workflow and that’s a huge bonus for someone as busy as I am!

  52. Guru-sama (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed, thank you!

  53. Nenad Spasojevic (verified owner)

    Great set of tools. Perfect add-on for my workflow. Apsolutely great! Thanx guys!

  54. jimhunter (verified owner)

    These tools provide a quick and easy way to make consistent changes while editing hundreds of wedding photos. Sure it’s going to save me lots of time.

  55. Jonny (verified owner)

    This is a must have preset collection, bursting with highly useful tools enabling you to speed up your workflow. Awesome!

  56. REY (verified owner)

    I’ve owned several other workflow type of presets but this one is proving to be my reliable tools for post processing my photos. Great job!

  57. Homunculus (verified owner)

    Being that I sort my photos through Lightroom, I found that these tools were a quick and easy way to make small fixes to my photos. I also love to use the tools after I do color grading in Lightroom. I am definitely looking to purchase some presets here.

  58. dadamsphotos (verified owner)

    These are all great Lightroom presets to make editing your photographs go a lot faster than normally.

  59. Wayne (verified owner)

    I am new to LR and these were great to get me started and not frustrated. I had used sliders on windows to edit before but there are so many more on LR that I got frustrated. I have only worked on it a few minutes but am very happy. They are nothing crazy or off the wall like many of the other free presets I downloaded. They are also simply labeled. Want a blue sky? press blue sky and usually have four intensities to choose from. None of the crazy names! THESE ARE GREAT.

  60. PicturePoint (verified owner)

    marvelous item. Got it. Installed it, worked with, Great.

  61. Ruud79

    Call them workflow tools, shortcuts, or whatever you want, but… these are all great Lightroom presets to make editing your photos go a lot faster. Definitely happy with using them; very simple to use, producing many effective results, and well worth the purchase!

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