Inspired By Analog Film
Photo by the +PS team

Retrograde BW

Inspired By Analog Film
Photo by the +PS Team

+PS Retrograde TwinPack

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(7 customer reviews)

Digital Film Looks for Adobe® Lightroom® CC/6 + Photoshop CC/ACR, OSX & Win.

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+PS Retrograde TwinPack
Film inspired looks for Adobe Lightroom CC, Classic CC, 6, 5, or 4 & Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for Photoshop CC or CS6, OSX & Win.

65 color looks + 50 black and white looks. Including Retrograde Tools with an additional 46 presets including fades, film toning, film grains, vignettes & softening filters.

Retrograde TwinPack is a unique and modern professionally designed preset collection, it consists of two packs, one color photo processing pack and one black and white pack.
If you’re looking for just that little extra, this is the product for you. Designed for raw processing but works well on other formats like psd, tiff and jpg’s as well. Set your white balance and exposure and the presets will do the rest.

Subtle analogue film finishing and color grading for your photography and video, raw process your images or footage with Retrograde™ in Lightroom® or Adobe® Camera Raw, to get that characteristic 35mm film look.
Includes subtle film fades, warm sun kissed treatments, dreamy looks, vintage looks & expired film looks, all inspired from the look and feel of analogue films from Kodak®, Fuji® & Agfa®, Ilford® & Polaroid®.

Professional photographers and retouchers produce our products, they are powerful, fast and easy to install, working directly inside Lightroom and Camera Raw so no need to learn another interface, that might slow your workflow and computer down.

7 reviews for +PS Retrograde TwinPack

  1. trinethybo (verified owner)

    Great presets. Great customer service. The presets instantly gave me the opportunity to save a lot of editing time and to express something new with my images. Fantastic experience.



    We would like to say that the Retrograde preset collection is a wonderful palette of tones which resemble real film and old techniques in Photography. Great for those who enjoy a vintage look.

  3. Michel (verified owner)

    Great Twin Pack, absolutely recommendable. Every single preset has its own look and fits to a certain situation/mood!

  4. SonyAlpha57 (verified owner)

    Very nice package! I love it!

  5. Ruud79 (verified owner)

    I’m definitely a fan on the presets that the Preset Shop offers, but this combo has to be my favorite one to use. If you’re someone looking to buy photo editing tools that you’ll be satisfied with for a long time to come, this set is it – even if you’re just looking to make your first purchase on here, I’d highly recommend the Retrograde color/B&W set. This gives your photos a truly classic feel to them every time you use it; you won’t be disappointed!

  6. erika-chambers (verified owner)

    I was SO excited when Preset Shop released the RetroGrade collection, because I’d been looking for presets that would give photos a nostalgic feel, without changing images too dramatically. There are so many choices in the collection, you can end up anywhere from a subtle throwback to a more dramatic stylized look. Both the color and black and white collections are great for editing weddings. You can also top it off with something for the Haze and Fade collection to add more drama or a sophisticated finish. I have gotten absolutely RAVE reviews on my images processed with RetroGrade. Here’s one example of a bridal silhouette shot. She’s wearing a STUNNING, timeless dress that is enhanced by a RetroGrade BW preset. I was overwhelmed with “likes” and comments immediately 🙂

  7. genese-coleman (verified owner)

    Love these products, the look of retrograde is one of a kind. If you had a hard time choosing your favorite of one of them now it’s made even harder to choose with a twin pack.
    This photo got over 4000 likes and was produced with the Retrograde collection and featured in the Preset Shop curated gallery. See the photo >>here<<

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