Faded Film

Muted washed out film looks
Photo by the +PS Team

Effects 01

Light Leaks + Film Burns
Presets + Brushes for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
Photo by the +PS Team

Faded Film + Effects 01

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(9 customer reviews)

Pack for simulating film looks and effects. RAW presets and brushes for Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC/6 to version 4.


+PS Faded Film Presets & +PS Effects 01
Collections set for simulating film looks and effects.
RAW presets and brushes for Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC to LR4.

+PS Effects 01
Light leaks & film burn emulation for Adobe Lightroom.

Effects Included in the collections:
36 light leak presets
7 light leak brushes
7 film burn brushes
20 creative custom vignettes

Unique light leak Lightroom presets and brushes simulating the look of camera light leaks and film burns. From hazy whites to colorful film burns as well as toy camera and instant film looks.

Light leaks happens when a camera is not sealed properly and light enters the film chamber, overexposing the film. The plastic Holga camera is know for this flaw together with its crappy lo-fi plastic lens and often used for exactly these defects. This collection simulates some of these analogue imperfections.

Faded Film Presets Collection

Collection of 20 faded film looks, 10 color presets and 10 black and white presets. Film look presets with lots of fades both in shadows and highlights, muddled vintage looks, color abnormalities as in expired analogue film, washed out muted colors, hazy photo effects and much more.

Combine the light leak Lightroom presets with Faded Film presets and finish off with the Vignettes Collection to complete the look of old film and photo paper borders.

Professional photographers and retouchers produce our products, they are powerful, fast and easy to install, working directly inside Lightroom and Camera Raw so no need to learn another interface, that might slow your workflow and computer down.

9 reviews for Faded Film + Effects 01



    As we used to work with film, analogue photography, we can compare and say that Faded Film collection is interesting to experiment and work with in digital photography. It gives you a great variety of tints and shades.
    Artists will definitely find it worth having as a tool.

  2. jt (verified owner)

    Nice collection. Cool effects to give life your pictures 😀

  3. Hoang (verified owner)

    It’s a great collection for enhancing pictures. I like the different angles the light leaks. Its an awesome set to work with. Saves a lot of time to edit your pictures with the option to adjust minimally.

  4. alex.kotanidis (verified owner)

    Awesome already used it in one of my photoshoots. Very helpfull! Thank you guys

  5. Samantha (verified owner)

    great buy! love it

  6. geraldine (verified owner)

    Geraldine – 12/08/2014

    Great presets ! It gives a lot more creativity. I used many different ones until now and these ones are definitively my favorite ones. The investment is worth it, go ahead, you won’t regret it.

  7. Colby (verified owner)

    Such a good buy. No question. Go ahead…click add to cart..

  8. jackiezarkin@me.com (verified owner)

    This is the best preset collection bundle, because it has a lot of light leaks, and a lot of cool effects including black and white.

  9. erika-chambers

    I love the variety in the “Faded Film” collection. There are so many different looks to choose from, and they all have such a soft, timeless finish. I’ve used this collection to edit musician, family and couple shoots. Every client has been extremely happy with the final product and doesn’t know my secret 🙂 The light leaks add a magical touch that look like they were done “in camera”. I’m a fan for sure. – Erika Chambers Photography

    Here’s one photo of a super cute couple in an “UP” themed shoot edited with Faded Film https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=618589164818987&set=a.457416070936298.107169.228475900496984&type=1&theater

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