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Add-ons For Adobe Photoshop CC/6

+PS Effects 06

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Add-ons For Adobe Photoshop CC/6 for OSX & Win.


+PS Effects 06
Glass Foreground Effects
Add-ons for Adobe® Photoshop®

Add the look of out of focus glass in the foreground of your photographs to create depth and atmosphere in the comfort of your studio instead of wasting time during your shoot. Now you can take your time to place the effects exactly how you would like to frame your image in post production.

Included in the product is the bokeh Adobe add-on and 40 scalable 50 megapixel high resolution authentic optical bokeh effects (total file size 1.5GB).

The Adobe add-on for Photoshop does all the hard work for you in one click, it blends the optical bokeh effect in with your image and mixes the two together for a real analog authentic look. It comes with adjustment layers that you can toggle on/off and reduce strength, such as brighten, darken, hue/sat and blur/obscure as it would through glass surfaces.

The high-res overlay effects are smart objects in PNG file format so your editing is non-destructive, this means you can scale them, rotate them, warp them, skew them and apply all sorts of filters without losing the original data.

The Effects 06 drag and drop optical foreground effects are 50 megapixel (8688x 5792 pixels) optically captured photographically with a  50MP camera which frames your subject in a soft and dreamy way as well as creating depth to your images. The optical elements were captured with Canons new top of the range 5Ds camera and a Canon 85mm f1.2 MKII.

Before and after sample:
Please see the Academy article for more before and after samples, installation and step-by-step tutorial.


3 reviews for +PS Effects 06

  1. acordes (verified owner)

    I really like these effects! They’re super pretty, and I like that they’re not as expensive as similar glass effects. (You save at least $20, and more if you snatch this up whenever there’s a promo code.)

  2. Andy W

    Andy W (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to use and amazing results!!

  3. LightSpace Studios (verified owner)

    High quality and beautifully captured glass bokeh effects to add some extra depth and magic to your photographs in the calm of your studio and post production workflow after shoot. Our clients are loving it! And no waste of time on location shoots to fiddle with adding these kind of effects! Highly recommended! Love the way the Photoshop add-on plugin mixes the bokeh into your images. It looks totally organic and analog.

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Foreground Effect

+PS Effects 06

Foreground Bokeh

+PS Effects 06

Foreground Bokeh

+PS Effects 06