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Beauty Brush

Retouching + Digital Makeup
Brushes For Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to LR4
Photo by the +PS Team

+PS Beauty Brush

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(3 customer reviews)

Retouching Brushes and Digital Makeup Kit, compatible with Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC to LR4 for OSX and Win.

$49 $25

+PS Beauty Brush™
High-End Photo Retouching | for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to Lr4.

The Beauty Brush collection for Lightroom includes over 50 brushes for all your beauty retouching as well as digital makeup brushes. The collection was designed by professional retouchers working closely together with our photographers to cover all aspects of beauty photography editing. This product was also featured in the international photography magazine Digital Photographer.

The brushes work on all image formats like raw, psd, tiff and jpg. The brushes work directly inside Lightroom so no need to learn another interface, that might slow your workflow and computer down.

Brush Presets Included:

+PS Skin | Retouch Smooth Skin
+PS Skin | Retouch Smooth Skin + Texture
+PS Skin | Spot Concealer
+PS Skin | Foundation
+PS Skin | Hotspot Reduction
+PS Skin | Lighten Shadows
+PS Skin | Dark Circle Remover
+PS Skin | Contour Shadows
+PS Skin | Contour Highlights
+PS Skin | SkinTone Cool Down
+PS Skin | SkinTone Warm Up
+PS Skin | SkinTone Reduce Red Blotches
+PS Skin | Bronzing
+PS Skin | Blush Peach
+PS Skin | Blush Rose
+PS Skin | Blush Orange

+PS Lips | Lipstick Nude
+PS Lips | Lipstick Soft Pink
+PS Lips | Lipstick Hot Pink
+PS Lips | Lipstick Red
+PS Lips | Lipstick Purple
+PS Lips | LipGloss Nude
+PS Teeth | Whiten Teeth

+PS Hair | Highlights (Enhance hair shine)
+PS Hair | Lowlights
+PS Hair | Lighten Shadows
+PS Hair | Detail Enhance
+PS Hair | Copper Tone

+PS Eye | EyeSparkle Iris Enhance 01
+PS Eye | EyeSparkle Iris Enhance 02
+PS Eye | EyeWhiten
+PS Eye | Lenses Blue
+PS Eye | Lenses Brown
+PS Eye | Lenses Green
+PS Eye | Lenses Grey
+PS Eye | EyeLiner
+PS Eye | EyeBrows Defining
+PS Eye | EyeLashes Mascara
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Blue 01 (Soft)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Blue 02 (Bold)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Bronze 01 (Soft)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Bronze 02 (Bold)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Charcoal 01 (Soft)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Charcoal 02 (Bold)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Gold 01 (Soft)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Gold 02 (Bold)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Olive 01 (Soft)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Olive 02 (Bold)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Purple 01 (Soft)
+PS Eye | EyeShadow Smokey Purple 02 (Bold)

+PS Brush | Color Pop
+PS Brush | Define Detail
+PS Brush | Brighten (Dodge)
+PS Brush | Darken (Burn)

+PS Skin | Skin Texture 01
+PS Skin | Skin Texture 02
+PS Skin | Skin Texture 03
+PS Skin | Skin Texture 04
+PS Skin | Skin Texture 05

3 reviews for +PS Beauty Brush

  1. Ralf (verified owner)

    These presets are simply awesome! Every penny spent is worth it! The number of brushes is incredible and covers the whole range for portrait, fashion and beauty shoots.

    Maybe more comparison pictures for the different brush presets could be included to show the effects more individually. Or show what was done in the sample comparison pictures to give a better imagination how the brushes can be combined to get to a given result. That would save some time.

    But anyways: The best preset collection for me!

  2. Fidel Seehawer (verified owner)

    These are some of the best presets I have found for fashion photography.

  3. jpjacobsen (verified owner)

    This is a must have for everyone who likes doing portraits and fashion photography. It saves me sooo much time. In love with the eye withening, eye sparkle and bronze.

    The only problem with this is that you will want to re-work all your old portraits 🙂

    Congrats for the developers,
    JP Jacobsen

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