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Photographer Feature | Marc Collins

The exceptionally talented Marc Collins from Berlin has stopped by for a chat, and we’re very excited to have him on board! Marc’s work has been published in books, calendars and magazines all over the world. Marc describes his style as current, approachable, puristic, timeless and focused on the model. Mr. Collins’ favorite photography accessory aside from his camera is his light meter, and it’s been brought to our attention that Marc frequently uses our Vintage and Fashion Editorial presets! PROUD 🙂 Also, when we asked Marc what he’d do if he were invisible for a day (equipped with his camera of course), he said he’d take some macro shots of wildlife cats!! Didn’t expect that answer haha love it!!

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Who is Marc Collins?

Well, always a tough question. But I would say “the man behind the camera“ fits the most.

Where do you call home?

Wherever my camera, a location and a beautiful model is.

Are you self taught or schooled?

I am self taught. I have learned a lot by reading specialist literature but after all most important is, “learning by doing“, which is a never ending process and even now I am still improving my knowledge and skills.

marc collins 10 Photographer Feature | Marc Collins

marc collins 03 Photographer Feature | Marc Collins

What is your secret in keeping a happy balanced life whilst following your passion?

My passion really makes me happy but to remain creative and balanced it is also important to do something totally different every once in a while. Being a perfectionist makes it really hard to turn off the computer. Luckily my girlfriend forces me to take my timeouts.

Do you remember that exact moment when you knew photography was what you had to do?

Yes, I do. I knew it when I had my first shooting with a friend of mine. I was 20 years old and I had borrowed my dad‘s Leica.

As you look through the viewfinder, what is the most critical moment in the capture of your image?

Catching the perfect expression of the model and the light situation. Especially when I am shooting outdoor.

How would you describe your stlye?

Puristic, timeless, focused on the model.



What does fashion mean to you?

Photography and fashion are closely related. To be successful in both you always need to be current but still remain your own personal style.

What photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most?

Definitely Hans Feuerer, Gilles Bensimon, Peter Lindhberg and Russel James. Their way to portray fashion and beauty is very unique and I have always enjoyed watching their art.

What has been your favourite photo location or session?

This has been a bikini shooting at the Seychelles. The amazing rock structure and azure blue ocean are the perfect setting.

Is there anything you would have done differently during your photographic career?

If I could I would start my professional career 10 years earlier. This way I would not miss the age of the supermodels, when also photographers were well-known by the general public.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue photography?

Back to basics! In times of digital photography it is less quality and more quantity. Start up with an analog camera and learn to really focus on every picture.

What misconceptions do you think outsiders have about fashion photography?

The biggest misconception would be the illusion photoshop might create to the unaware society. Back in the days of analog photography the display of people has been more realistic.


What are the most difficult aspects of professional fashion photography?

The constant change, just as fast as fashion changes. It is always important to be current.

What’s the most important thing you want potential clients to know about you?

I am a humble person and I usually let me work speak for me.

If you could be invisible for one day with your camera… 

…. I would do some macro shots of wildlife cats.

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

A Canon 5D Mark 2 & 3 and a Hasselblad with a leaf back.

What is your favourite photography accessory, other than your camera?

Certainly, my light meter.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

Canon 85mm 1,2. Because of the wonderful creamy bokeh.

What is your favourite computer/editing accessory, other than your computer?!

This would be my Wacom graphic tablet.

Are you a MAC or PC guy?

MAC, as long as I can remember.



How important is Photoshop in your final images?

It is very important for skin retouch and body forming, but I always try to keep it as pure and smooth as possible.

Cos we just have to ask…!! 😉 What is your favourite +PS tool?? And how has it improved workflow time?

The Vintage Presets, great base for my raw conversion which I adjust on my personal taste.

Do you maintain a studio or do you rent one when needed?

Both, I do have a small studio for tests and to try new stuff, but for most of my jobs I am renting bigger studios or locations.

Do you play music whilst shooting? If so, what are you digging right now?

Yes, always. Depending on the theme between ACDC and chill out music.

What five words would your friends use to describe you?

Reliable, open-minded, helpful, lots of fun and easy going.

What five words would your clients use to describe you?

Creative, Reliable, Focused, Professional and unconventional.

What lies ahead for you?

There are some projects coming up, a new book, an exhibition…..


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