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Photographer Feature | Liza Boone

Liza Boone is more than a very adept photographer, Liza Boone is a huge soothing breathe of fresh air! We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such amazing creatives everyday.. And to get to know them better, is the icing on the cake. Liza is positively positive from head to toe, and we’re sure that her calm, balanced and focused nature is her secret weapon when at work! Delight in Liza as much as we have.

Good vibes and endless inspiration,
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Who is Liza Boone?

That’s me!

What is your current state of mind?

Happy, Thankful, Focused, Optimistic.

What is the best advice you have received so far about photography?

Know the value of your work and don’t let people take advantage of it. It can be really difficult to do when you’re doing what you love to do for money. I struggled with it for the longest time… Whenever someone asked me to shoot for such and such I’d say “sure!” … then I realized how much energy I was putting into it. And I realized that that time and energy is valuable and I shouldn’t just give it away.

From editing to fashion photographer! How did this come about?

It actually happened the other way around! I started out in photography and didn’t have the money or time to look for/hire someone for post processing, so I had to do it myself.. Now I’m getting jobs for both!

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What do you love the most about your job?

I get to meet and work with really awesome people. And I get to travel. Traveling and photography are two of my most favorite things in the world.

How would you describe your style?

Photography wise? I’m very inspired by old photographs and film. If I had my way I’d learn the dark room and shoot on film more, but it’s just not practical these days. Tons of photographers still do it… I’d love to work under them sometime to see their workflow.

What does fashion mean to you?

A large stack of magazines, beautiful clothes I could never afford to own, and a great staple to an era. It’s wonderful inspiration for photography.

As you look through the viewfinder, what is the most critical moment in the capture of your image?

Making sure the lens cap is off?!

What photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most?

When I first started out, I had the pleasure of taking a weekend long seminar with Melissa Rodwell, whom I had followed for years, so that was a priceless experience. She’s amazing. As far as photographers past, two of my favorites are Martin Parr and William Eggleston. Their medium is completely separated from fashion but SO inspiring. I also just went to go see the Helmut Newton exhibition here in LA which was also pretty wonderful.

What’s the most important thing you want potential clients to know about you?

That I’d love to work with you!

What has been your favorite photo location or session?

I’ve had lots! I guess if I had to pick one, I’d say a cabin up in the Hollywood Hills. It was an amazing shoot location with stunning panoramic views. The photos are still up on my website under “Cabin Fever”. Jordan (the model) was also wonderful. Melissa, a close friend of mine, was also able to style the shoot and help with hair/make-up, which was awesome because we very rarely get to work together!

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue fashion photography?

Assist a lot and shoot ALL the time. The more you shoot the more you learn what you like and don’t like/what inspires you/what you’ll never do again. Now, if you want to make real MONEY in fashion photography…. God help you.


In today’s economy what changes are driving the fashion market place and how have you adjusted?

Hmm, have I adjusted? Ha.

What misconceptions do you think outsiders have about the fashion world?

I think they probably assume it’s a shallow/unforgiving industry. I can’t say that I’m speaking from a place that is super locked into the fashion world, but I WILL say that every model, hair/make-up artist, stylist, assistant I’ve ever worked with has been a wonderful work companion with the same worries and insecurities as the next guy. And we talk about them and we laugh and we make jokes because we are all coming together to do what we love. I think the fashion world can look stark and superficial from the outside, but in reality it’s just lots of passionate/driven people striving to be successful doing what they love. Or that’s been my experience anyway!

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

For all of my editorial stuff/agency stuff, I shoot with my Canon 5D Mark II. When I get to do whatever I want I have a Hasselblad I dust off and a couple of 35mm film cameras kicking around.

What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera?

My iPhone honestly. It’s the one camera that’s always with me and they have some really great editing software. I use it for location scouting all the time.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

I just borrowed the 24-105 mm Canon lens from a very generous friend. It was wonderful!

What is your favorite computer/editing accessory, other than your computer?

I run all my images through Lightroom. I couldn’t live without it.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Lightroom is my go to software. I use Lightroom for all of my color correction/manipulation and will pull an image into Photoshop if I need to get rid of blemishes or clean anything up, but that’s about it.

Cos we just have to ask…!! 😉 What is your favorite +PS tool?? And how has it improved workflow time?

The Vintage Collection has been wonderful. I’m not big into adding grain to a photo, but in this particular package it is just subtle enough where it doesn’t bother me. And anytime I don’t have to manipulate settings to get a particular outcome, that’s an improvement! I used to be funny about buying presets.. then I realized it’s a really smart thing to do if you know where to get the right ones! I love yours… I’m actually looking forward to getting the Pastel pack!

Do you maintain a studio or do you rent one when needed?

I don’t own a studio. Everything studio I shoot out of my house. But as you’ll see in my portfolio, I don’t do a lot of studio work. I’d like to though!




Three photography pet hates and why?

Nothing comes to mind really. Is that bad? I hate when I don’t eat enough before a shoot. And I guess I hate software updates? Ha.

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

In a bungalow by the ocean on a cliff with a view, with my family and friends around me.

What five words would your friends use to describe you?

Friendly enough, Happy.. I don’t know, ask them!

Do you play music whilst shooting? If so, what are you digging right now?

Well more often than not it’s oldies! I’ll put The Supremes or Temptations radio station up on Spotify. Or Simon and Garfunkel. Until we start shooting… then it’s whatever is new on the radio. I’m really loving Lorde right now. I’ve definitely played their EP out a time or two!

What lies ahead for you?

I hope lots of really great things! I turn 30 next month! I’m engaged to an amazing guy and I hope to be shopping around for agents by the end of the year. My goals are to keep working and growing and learning and staying happy… which right now looks like it could work out!


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