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JerkStopper for Digital Director
Shanna June

Shanna June

Community Manager


Are you one of those lucky ducks that picked up a brand spanking new Manfrotto Digital Director? And seeing as it’s not wireless, have you been wondering how you can both keep the cables plugged in while simultaneously protecting the usb and power ports.

Well to help you out Tether Tools have created a clever new JerkStopper – The JerkStopper for Digital Director. Using any of the four cold shoe mounting points on the Digital Director case, the JerkStopper for Digital Director securely attaches and can hold both the USB cable and the AC power cable securely in place.

The JerkStopper for Digital Director removes the stress and strain from your USB and power cable connected to the Manfrotto Digital Director, ensuring the plugs stay in and are protected from damage.

The JerkStopper for Digital Director is awesome when you use the Digital Director with batteries and a long tether cable also. Now you can move around while holding your iPad without worry that you’ll pull the USB cable out of the back.

Nice work once again Tether Tools!

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JS080DD Tether Tools Jerk Stopper Digital Director cropped tight JERKSTOPPER CABLE MANAGEMENT

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