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Shanna June

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Find Photos With Excire Search For Lightroom

“Excire Search has become an important component of my daily workflow because I can easily and quickly search through my images. It brings top-notch image-search technology to my desktop.”

Jürgen Müller — Professional Photographer (Hamburg, Germany)

The Excire Search Lightroom plugin is a high-performance search engine that runs locally on your Mac. Once installed, it can power different modules designed for different search tasks. Clever Germans! 😉

So let’s say you want to find some beach photos? Simply just type in “beach,” and the software will search for photos based on the content. The system is automated and done on your computer, so you won’t need to upload data to the cloud or spend extra time manually tagging your photos. After initializing on your collection of images, the Excire Search system will be ready to go. How cool is this?! Talk about saving valuable time!


There are two separate very accurate and amazing search functions. Excire Search CT lets you search for photos based on the content, both by a keyword (e.g. “beach,” “bird,” “person”) or by dominant color and other image properties (e.g. “dark” and “red”).

And the more photos you have, the better Excire Search will perform. Apparently you will need to have at least 10,000 photos to really see the benefits, and the initialization takes about 1 hour per 10,000 photos. Once the system is up and running, however, searches should be instantaneous, even if you’ve initialized hundreds of thousands of photos.

If you wanna try out Excire’s technology, there’s an online demo right here.

You can download and/or purchase the software — there’s a 15 day trial — through the Excire online store. Right now, the plugin is only available for Mac OS X (version 10.7 and up). So if you decide you need this in your life, the full version costs €59. 100% worth the investment we say!

Check out this video demo of both search modules in action:

Resource: PetaPixel / Excire

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