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Digital Gobos Add-ons for Adobe Photoshop

EFFECTS 05 – Digital Gobos
Add-ons for Adobe Photoshop CC/6

Preset Shop Effects05 Gobos Digital Gobos Add ons for Adobe PhotoshopProduct link: +PS Effects 05 – Organic Gobos

Gobo [goh-boh] – is any object that goes between your subject and your light source. Gobos are commonly used to cast different patterns of light onto your subject. Popular Gobos include grids and window blinds, but of course it can be anything that interrupts the natural pattern of light. People have made Gobos from various materials in the past, such as steel, glass and plastic. So as you can imagine, there was loads of opportunity to get super creative!

Our drag and drop organic digital Gobos are 50 Megapixel (high resolution) real photographic Gobos, which add shadow effects and mood to your photos in Adobe Photoshop. The organic Gobos that we have created are palms, leafs and trees, just to mention a few… These Gobos can all be applied digitally to create drama, organic shadows, atmosphere and give depth to your images. The beauty of it being digital is obviously there is no need to buy material Gobos that take up physical storing space or spend any of your valuable time cutting patterns in cardboard etc. Also, you’ll be happy to know that our Gobos are all layer based, so you can easily change the position and the strength anytime as required.

Additionally, how cool is it, that light can be added to a scene where none existed before? Just like if you were adding light at the time of taking the picture. But not only photographers use Gobos, they are also widely used by designers in theatre, film and television. Organic Gobos were among the first created in Hollywood. Money could be saved if they could create the look of being outside in a studio, obviously where the light could be controlled. Cut outs were produced to project studio lighting through, and this would create the look of an exterior location.

Now, projecting scenery, adding atmosphere and generally enhancing the visual impact of lighting has never been easier. With our super effective organic Gobos you can create the same look in minutes. No more using material Gobos in front of lights during your shoots, our stunning Gobos can be applied in just a few clicks.

To see the step by step tutorial and installation please see the +PS Academy article ‘Effects 05 – Gobos’

Digital Gobos | Before and after samples:






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