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In the last 24 hours Adobe have announced their latest version of Lightroom. Get ready for Lightroom CC! Not only does it perform much faster, there’s revamped tools and powerful new creation features. FYI – Lightroom CC will also be sold as a standalone program called Lightroom 6.

A couple of awesome new things found in Lightroom CC:

+ Lightroom CC now uses the GPU on your computer, giving you a faster-than-ever performance. For some users, Adobe says it could help speed up the program by 10x.

+ Create HDR images directly in Lightroom CC by combining multiple photos captured at different exposures, creating a single image with HDR. Lightroom CC can even create a DNG RAW file. Watch video here.

hdrmerge Adobe Lightroom 6 / Lightroom CC

+ You will be able to create advanced slideshows directly in Lightroom CC using photos, videos, and music. Make them even more special by using effects such as panning and zooming.

+ Photographers can now use a brush to modify gradients created using the Graduated Filter and Radial Filter. Lightroom CC features a Filter Brush that lets you remove parts of the gradient or add any part of a gradient into any other part of the photo.

+ The facial recognition feature built into Lightroom CC is a massive time saver as it allows you to quickly find and organise photographs of the people in your life. Watch video here.

facialrecognition Adobe Lightroom 6 / Lightroom CC

+ Lightroom CC includes CMYK soft proofing for previewing offset print outputs.

Here is a short video that introduces some of the new “hidden gems” found in Lightroom CC.

Lightroom CC is available via a $10 per month subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan, which will also get you access to Photoshop CC, or for $149 as a standalone program called Lightroom 6. The standalone program will have the same new features as Lightroom CC, however it will lack the mobile and web components of the subscription service.

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FYI+PS Presets for Lightroom CC/6 and Photoshop CC/6 work inside each native application, all editing is a 100% reversible and non-destructive to your photos.


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