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That is the question! Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, filters/Lightroom presets can have a great influence on how popular your shared images are.

A recent study released by Yahoo Labs unveiled which type of photo filters on Instagram gets more views and comments. For example, warmer filters that increase contrast and correct exposure boost engagement, whilst cooler filters are typically less engaging.

Researchers have found that after analysing 7.6 million photographs on Flickr (many of which originated on Instagram) is that filters enhance photo attention. 21% are more likely to be viewed than their original, non-filtered shots. And in addition to being more viewed, filtered photos are 45% more likely to be commented on.

Technically speaking, photos with proper exposure and higher contrast were found to be more appealing also. Exposure deals with correct lighting, while contrast is enhancing the colors of a picture. But on the other hand, photos found to have age tweaks and over saturation had less views and comments.

The study may not be wholly conclusive, however it does make us more aware as to how mobile photography is being perceived, and more often than not by untrained eyes. It’s important to remember that an essential quality of color is temperature. Temperature can be used to attain a color balance. Temperature can be used to enhance spatial relationships within an image. Temperature can be used to elicit psychological responses within the viewer. Understanding and investigating the dynamics of temperature in color can benefit any visual artist.

So let’s talk about movies for a moment. Movies have long been using color grading to increase emotion in certain scenes. Mad Max Fury Road is a great example. This nighttime sequence was filmed in the Namibian desert in bright daylight, but was then transformed into a blue environment by colorist Eric Whip. The results speak for themselves…

D4N 8 00073 1024x804 TO FILTER, OR NOT TO FILTER

But of course this is not new information. Movies have been known to apply blue casts to create a chilling dramatic effect since way back. Blue is a definitive cool color and it can be used to generate a feeling of desolation, remoteness and mystery.

Similarly, films that…

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