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“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
― Annie Dillard, The Writing Life

What you do when you first wake up in the morning is a concrete indicator of not only the quality of the day you’re going to have, but the quality of your entire life. This might sound a bit over the top, but committing to a few positive morning rituals each day can unquestionably change your life and make you more creative. If you don’t believe us, give a few of these a try!

Mindfulness in the morning

Mindfulness meditation is a brilliant technique to learn to help improve creativity. It has side effects which have been shown to lower the reactivity of the reptilian brain, raise resilience, arouse the neocortex, as well as develop emotional intelligence. All these assist in getting ideas flowing directly to your optimum creative thinking brain: the neocortex.

So why not give open monitoring meditation a go? All you have to do to practice this form of medition is to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and observe them without attachment. Open monitoring meditation, involves monitoring all aspects of your experience. Really try to do this in a non-reactive way, there’s no doubt you’ll be amazed at what thought patterns and emotions arise within you.

Stay “offline”

Oh lala this is a hard one! So why should we even consider putting ourselves through the struggle of disconnecting from the grid of information and communication first thing in the morning?

1. You can find quiet and peace of mind before you get bombarded with what has to be done.

2. You can reflect and contemplate on how you want your day to pan out without distraction.

3. You allow yourself space to create rather than stress before you’ve even started doing anything.

4. You can and will 100% accomplish a lot more in your day.


Coffee doesn’t just keep you awake, it may literally make you smarter as well. Coffee also increases your brain’s production of dopamine, which gives you a feeling of reward and motivation. The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is a stimulant and the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Caffeine potently blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, leading to a net stimulant effect. Controlled trials…

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