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Back in 1947, an inventor by the name of Edwin Land introduced an incredible innovation to the world – an instant film that developed itself in just a few short minutes. This new instant camera technology was a massive success for Edwin’s company, the Polaroid Corporation.

So what is Instant Film?

Well, it’s very similar to regular camera film but with a few extra elements. The basic idea of Instant film is to capture patterns of light using special chemicals. The camera briefly exposes the film to the light coming from a scene (normally a fraction of a second), and where the light hits the film, it then starts off a chemical reaction. Normal film consists of a plastic base that is coated with particles of a silver compound. When this compound is exposed to a large number of light photons, it forms silver atoms. Black and white film has one layer of silver compound, while color film has three layers. To turn this into a picture, you have to develop the film using more chemicals. The Instant Film developing process combines colors in the same basic way as normal film, but the developing chemicals are already present in the film itself.

Let’s jump to 2016!

+PS Looks N°4 enables you to get the Instant Film look for your digital photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. A couple of clicks and BANG your images are developed, inspired by Polaroid and Fuji instant films.

So if you’re looking for the aesthetics of instant film for your digital photo editing, cool washed out effects, vintage lens softening effects, light leaks and some hip tints, then +PS Looks N°4 are the Lightroom presets for you!

Turn any photo into a Polaroid or Fuji Instax print in Lightroom!

Add real Polaroid and Fuji Instax instant film borders to your photos with one click inside Adobe Lightroom! Instant film border templates included: single instant film frames both Polaroid and Fuji Instax, 3 split, 4 split and 3 and 4 individual images in 3 and 4 frames.

PS Instant Film Template Collection Samples +PS LOOKS 04 INSTANT FILM



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