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The name “Wacom” was derived by partially replacing the English name WORLD COMPUTER with “WA,” which means “harmony” in Japanese.

So we know that a Wacom is meant to be an extremely useful and an intuitive way for photographers to work, compared to using a mouse. Using a mouse for hours on end can be time consuming and uncomfortable. Using a Wacom Tablet is supposed to feel a lot more natural, and once you’re used to it, much more precise.

However, like anything that’s new to you, you’ll need a little bit of time to get your head/hand around it. And we’re not going to lie to you, the transition from mouse to Wacom can be a bumpy one.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you started:

1. It’s gotta be comfortable
The pen is designed to feel much more organic in your hand than a mouse, so hold it as if it were a writing pen.

2. Remember the tip of the pen is a click
When starting out people assume you have to hold or press the switch on the side of the pen for it to work. Depending on what tablet you have, the side switch may be set to right click, pan/scroll, or double click. To simply click on something, all you have to do is touch the tablet with the pen.

3. Align the tablet to your display
By having the tablet area parallel to the display area, your absolute positioning will come together much quicker. Don’t forget that each corner of the tablet represents the corresponding corner of your display area.

4. Tablets are designed to be a natural input device
Although many tablets now have touch surfaces, touch is ignored when the pen is within a half an inch of the tablet. Place your hand effortlessly on the tablet just as you would a piece of paper and don’t touch the tip to the tablet unless you mean to click.

5. It’s new to you
The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you are learning a new tool and unlearning an old one. Be patient, once you’re comfortable with it there’s no going back!

Wacom tablet world is a world where creatives and computers are in harmony.

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Shanna June

Shanna June

Community Manager
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