112 New PANTONE Colors

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New colors, new possibilities!

Updates from Pantone are always exciting, and the 2016 release has got us pumped! The 112 new graphics colors were inspired by the emergence of neutrals and blushes in fashion and design trends. These new colors mean new stories, emotion and enlightenment for designers. Pantone colors of the year, rose quartz and serenity are also featured on the new artist edition covers.

Chip Kidd, Jessica Walsh and Eddie Opara in collaboration with Pantone have designed pieces in their own styles, solely using the 112 new colors.

The updated series of graphic products provide:
– Colors relevant and expected for contemporary packaging
– Emphasis on specific color ranges derived from market requests
– 112 new ways to be even more creative, inspired and expressive through color

The Pantone Color Bridge (coated and uncoated) Set:
This is a multi-purpose tool for printers, graphic and web designers. It is best used for determining how solid colors will look when reproduced through four-color printing process, as well as a HTML value reference for digital media display intent.

ColorBridge 1c 571x600 112 New PANTONE Colors

Pantone Solid Chips Set:
This set contains all 1,867 Pantone Matching System colors in a convenient, removable chip format that graphic designers, brand owners and printers can easily use to express, demonstrate and specify color inspiration and intent.

This set includes:
– Two-book set (coated and uncoated)
– Tear-out chips on replaceable three-ring binder pages
– 1,867 Solid Pantone Matching System® colors including 112 New Pantone Colors

  112 New PANTONE Colors

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