How to install and use Lightroom Presets

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Installing Lightroom Presets in Lightroom Classic CC

1. Select Lightroom > Preferences (OSX) / Select Edit > Preferences (Win).

2. Click the preset tab, then click the button ‘Show Lightroom Preset Folder’.

3. Copy or move your new purchased preset folders to the ‘Settings’ folder.

4. Restart Lightroom and your ready to use your new presets.

How to use Lightroom Presets in Lightroom Classic CC

1. Go to the develop module by pressing ‘D‘ on your keyboard.

2. Your new PS preset folders will now be available on the left side panel.

3. Hover your mouse cursor over them and you will see the effects of each preset.

Lightroom Preset Install Path:


(user) / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Camera Raw / Settings *

* To locate your User / Library folder hold down the Option key and select Library from the Go menu in Finder.

Windows XP:

C: \ Documents and Settings \ User \ Application Data \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ Settings

Windows 7, 10 and after:

C: \ Users \ User \ App Data \ Roaming \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ Settings

How to install presets in Lightroom CC

Single presets:

1. Open up Adobe Lightroom CC.

2. Select File > Import Profiles and Presets.

3. Locate your .xmp preset files and click import.

Presets packs and folders:

1. Open up Adobe Lightroom CC.

2. In the bottom right, click on Presets.

3. A new panel called Presets will open. You will see 3 little dots near the top of this panel, click them.

4. Select Import Presets from the dropdown menu.

5. It will open up a window where you can browse to find the preset(s) and folders you want to import.

6. We highly recommend importing folders of presets so that they stay grouped in Lightroom CC, otherwise they might get all mixed together under user presets without a folders structure.

7. Lightroom CC will then load up the presets folders with the included presets and you’ll be ready to use them instantly.

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