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We totally get all the hard work that goes into shooting an amazing fashion or beauty editorial, and then embark on the mission to find out where to submit it.

You’ll ask yourself stuff like… Which fashion magazine will it fit? What type of magazine do I want it in? Does it have to be printed, or is an online magazine ok? How should I go about submitting it?


Before you submit your editorials blindly to an array of different magazines, we recommend that you really study each magazine you’re submitting to. Obviously if your style and the look of your editorial does not match the style and the look of the magazine, the chances are super high that your submission will not be accepted.

Be a smart submitter and actually read the guidelines each magazine has laid out in how they want you to submit. If they don’t want zip files, then don’t send them. Otherwise you run the risk of your submission being deleted and never seen.

Long emails won’t get you anywhere with busy editors. Let your photos do the talking for you. So no novels, these people don’t have the time – stick with just a few cordial lines, and let the work speak for itself.


Get Published is a magazine submission resource guide for photographers. There are over 75+ publications, including all the info you need to begin your submission. You can get this golden nugget right here.


This is soooo handy! Thank you Cole Mag. So yeehaaa go nuts and enjoy this ready made database of fashion and beauty magazines that are always looking for submissions.

Print Magazines that are available on the News Stands / Stores and Digital

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