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Light leaks & film burn emulation for Lightroom

The Light Leaks & Vignettes collection has 36 presets, 14 brushes and 20 custom vignettes.

+PS Light Leaks
36 light leak presets
7 light leak brushes
7 film burn brushes

Unique light leak Lightroom presets and brushes simulating the look of camera light leaks and film burns. From hazy whites to colorful film burns as well as toy camera and instant film looks. Light leaks happens when a camera is not sealed properly and light enters the film chamber, overexposing the film. The plastic Holga camera is know for this flaw together with its crappy lo-fi plastic lens and often used for exactly these defects. This collection simulates some of these analogue imperfections.

Installing +PS Light Leak Brushes

1. Select Lightroom > Preferences (OSX) / Select Edit > Preferences (Win).
2. Click the preset tab, then click the button ‘Show Lightroom Preset Folder‘
3. Open the folder named ‘Local Adjustment Presets‘
4. Copy or move your new purchased preset folders here.
5. Restart Lightroom and your ready to use your new presets.

How to find your new +PS brushes
1. Go to the develop module by pressing ‘D‘ on your keyboard.
2. Click on the brush icon top right in the develop module or press keyboard shortcut ‘K‘ to access your brush panel. Click on the two small arrows right of where it says ‘Effect‘ this will show you the list of all your Lightroom brushes.

How to use +PS Light Leak brushes
For best result set your Lr brush flow setting to 50% and a brush size setting around 20 works well. (press ‘K’ for easy brush access in the develop module ‘D’).

Start brushing on your image where you want the light leaks effects to appear, you can brush over the same area to get a stronger effect, Or increase your flow amount to reach a higher intensity level of effect.

If you want to preview the other Light Leaks to see what they look like where you applied your brush, you can do that by clicking on the current brush in the Effect drop down menu as seen in panel graphic below.

Play with the combination of the Light Leaks and Film Burn brushes on top of each other, creating unlimited variations, while changing the brush size for a more organic analogue look.

You can also apply the Light Leaks and Film Burn settings in Lightroom’s grad tool ‘M’ where…

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