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If you don’t need to quit smoking, stop biting your nails or loose some weight, why don’t you make becoming a better photographer your new year resolution?

Normally getting started is kinda hard, and then sticking to it even harder! But these simple yet powerful tips are quite the opposite. Have a read and give one or two of them a whirl from time to time. Knowledge is power right? And if you’re gonna be passionate about photography, why not be passionate about learning to be better at it also.

Study other photographers work

Art rarely develops in isolation, the work of other artists can be key in helping you to develop your own style, increase your knowledge and hone your skills. Spend some time looking at the work of other artists you admire, think about how they created a specific look or effect and then, try it out! Keep in mind that getting the exact same results is not the goal, just have a play around, use the work as inpiration and you may even create something cooler. And remember, whatever the outcome is, you are learning through experimentation – and this is a vital part in becoming a better photographer.

Keep on moving

Get up on a stool, bend to the side or lie down on the ground. Try it all, have fun! Just promise us you’ll never ONLY photograph stuff at eye level.

Stop deleting

You may have taken a bunch of pictures whilst experimenting and at first glance didn’t dig any of them. As you grow in your mastery, you may re-think some of those pics; you may decide that part of a photograph is actually quite cool, or you may really like the vibe of another one but have the feeling it could be executed better. So go for it, try again! Not only are you giving your critical eye a work out, but you are learning therefore improving.

Dump digital for a day

It’s amazing what happens when you are limited to one film with a set number of shots. It actually forces you to be more selective and take more time to carefully study your subjects. This is a fun and surprising way in becoming a better photographer, and at the same time increasing your sense of discernment.

Be flexible

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut taking the same kind of shots and processing them in the same way over and over and over gain. Developing your work means that you do need to develop the way you work. This means being aware of issues such as workflow and how…

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Shanna June

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