Beauty Brush | Step by Step

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+PS Beauty Brush™

Sophisticated Photo Retouching by Preset Shop

beautybrush1 Beauty Brush | Step by Step

The Beauty Brush collection for Lightroom includes over 50 brushes for all your beauty retouching as well as digital makeup brushes. The collection was designed by professional retouchers working closely together with our photographers to cover all aspects of beauty photography editing. We were pretty amazed on how good the editing possibilities really are in Lightroom. You can see some examples of how these brushes work on some samples with before and after shots in this introduction to our Beauty Brushes.


bronze blush Beauty Brush | Step by Step

+PS Skin | Retouch Smooth Skin
+PS Skin | Retouch Smooth Skin + Texture
+PS Skin | Spot Concealer
+PS Skin | Foundation
+PS Skin | Hotspot Reduction
+PS Skin | Lighten Shadows
+PS Skin | Dark Circle Remover
+PS Skin | Contour Shadows
+PS Skin | Contour Highlights
+PS Skin | SkinTone Cool Down
+PS Skin | SkinTone Warm Up
+PS Skin | SkinTone Reduce Red Blotches
+PS Skin | Bronzing
+PS Skin | Blush Peach
+PS Skin | Blush Rose
+PS Skin | Blush Orange



+PS Lips | Lipstick Nude
+PS Lips | Lipstick Soft Pink
+PS Lips | Lipstick Hot Pink
+PS Lips | Lipstick Red
+PS Lips | Lipstick Purple
+PS Lips | LipGloss Nude
+PS Teeth | Whiten Teeth


+PS Hair | Highlights (Enhance hair shine)
+PS Hair | Lowlights
+PS Hair | Lighten Shadows
+PS Hair | Detail Enhance
+PS Hair | Copper Tone



+PS Eye | EyeSparkle Iris Enhance…

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